About: Community Globetrotters

Community Globetrotters brings like-minded travelers from all over the U.S. together to share in extraordinary vacation experiences and travel on some of the world's most prestigious tours.


We believe that travel is better when the experiences are shared. Our tour group communities consist of travelers who are most likely to be compatible based on shared interests or similarities, creating the perfect recipe for strong connections and lifelong friendships!

Why Community Globetrotters?
  • Expertise: There are so many options when it comes to travel that it's easy to get overwhelmed. CG tours have been hand-selected by an industry professional who understand which destinations, tour operators, and specific itineraries are most likely to be crowdpleasers with each community.
  • Relatable Travel Companions: Rest easy knowing you will have something in common with your fellow travelers. 
  • Savings: Traveling on group tours allows travelers to stretch their travel budget compared to the cost of going on the same trip independently. 
  • Top Tour Operators: CG partners with only the most reputable and established tour companies.
  • Access to personal travel planning services for your pre-tour, post-tour, and on-tour travel needs: once registered for a tour through Community Globetrotters, all travelers will be given free access to CG's personal travel planning service, Lines of Latitude Luxury Travel.